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Shadow To Live

ImagineThe 21st century is challenging and has brought us numerous changes that the human mind never expect to happen. When I was still a kid it never occurred to me that I would become who I am now and go on with the flow of inevitable changes. Once I have the desire to go higher I never allow any possibilities to stay down. I tried everything in motivation to succeed. Whether good, bad, trivial or of utmost importance, change is a vital part of my growth.

The negative impact of the past is not the end of dreams. Rather, I took it as my fuel to energize me to go on. I have been mistaken in my decisions, fallen and stumbled, but that is not a baseline to judge and to be judged. My mind is strong and I shouldn’t stop until I have tried my very best. If I make a mistake it gives me the experience to learn something. It’s better to make mistakes and learn from them than not to do anything. It serves as an education that leads to knowledge, skills and wisdom.

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Wishy Washy Ideas About Water

LicensingAs a nurse,  I am very agitated about this news regarding the health benefits of water. I almost jumped out of my skin when my husband mentioned this controversial news about water.  I am not a scientist or a researcher,  but based on my daily experience on how water and fluids essentially helps my pre-term pregnant patients who come to our unit in pain because they lack water in their system.

We often give them oral and bolus fluids to alleviate pain and clear out ketone or leukocytes from their urine. Our patients always improve almost immediately after fluids. Also when I have a fever or feeling sick drinking water helps me a lot.  It prevents me from having kidney stones, urinary tract infections and keeps me alkaline as well.  How in the world can these people say that water is less beneficial to the human body?  I surely want to give these two “kidney experts” some water so that they can think clearly.

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Education is Important


I have found over the years that being a nurse requires a lot of continuing education and certifications to be effective in our career. I need to continue to progress and study for advancement for the attainment of goals. Stagnation is not healthy.

May I suggest to all nurses to never stop learning new issues in nursing. The importance of never ending research to explore the new changes in nursing and ongoing education is really very important. It could save a life.

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