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Dead End Strength

FitnessThere are certain times in our lives that we have tried and failed. For example, trying to be on a diet and falling off the wagon over and over again then feeling guilty about it because we are not losing the weight we desired to lose. Feeling guilty is like being on a treadmill running and not going anywhere. Guilt will drain our energy, enthusiasm and even destroy relationships to the extent that we can’t function anymore.

We need to rise in faith and realize that we made mistakes. Dragging yesterdays failures everywhere is like a dark clouds that follow us around and wears us down. Dwelling on yesterday’s mistakes will make you feel unworthy. Living in guilt and not finding ways to change takes away our joy. It also affects our daily interactions with people and interpretations of events.

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Boost Euphoria

FitnessWorking as a nurse sometimes it feels like everyone’s life is full of tension, anger, vigor, fatigue, confusion and depression. Each one of us needs something to boost our mood to keep up with today’s challenges and crisis at home, at work or anywhere else. My husband and I are thinking that an hour in the hot tub with a massage at the end of the day is a treat for relaxation, plus a little exercise and indulging into positive thinking can really improve your mood as well.

We also believe that good health consist of balanced diet, sleep and exercise. These are one of the essential things to keep a good mood and attitude that contributes to great relationships with others no matter what the situation. As a nurse I walk a lot in every shift attending to patient’s needs and doing all the nursing tasks at work. At the end of the day I feel I am already too tired to do a 30 minutes exercise routing, so I have the tendency to procrastinate on daily regular exercise even though we have a gym at home.

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A Chosen Freedom and Happiness

FitnessIn our daily routines we have responsibilities to life’s purpose. As a busy nurse, mother and wife,  I only have so much space in my brain to absorb both opposing negative and positive forces in all aspects of life’s events. I have to chose which force to dwell on for ideal happiness and freedom to live by. Sometimes we have the tendency to be confused about what system to follow to better life efficacy. For me it’s simple, take everyday as a new day of freedom and a real smile of happiness within.

Freedom and happiness are essential to a peaceful mind. We are created with freedoms and gifted with a certain purpose.  We have to decide to use our freedom to accomplish the utmost happiness in life and make the most of our survival as happy and meaningful as it can be while we are alive. I am alive now, but I am not immortal. I would like to give a worthy legacy to new generations or at least to my family a so called inner peace, happiness and satisfaction.

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Nurse’s Health is Wealth

FitnessAs a nurse I am very conscious about my entire family’s health. I feel that I am in spiral of despair trying to stay healthy. We built a gym in our simple home for us to have a regular exercise and follow the Atkins lifestyle but, my husband and I are on and off of our diet and seldom use these expensive equipments. It’s very frustrating that we are turning into those people that don’t follow through with the plans. As a nurse, I want to be a role model to everyone, to promote health, prevent disease, help patients cope with illness, and a health educator for patients, families, and communities.

In providing direct patient care, I often instruct patients and their families in proper nutrition and fitness, and help individuals and groups take steps to improve or maintain their health. My big questions to myself, how can I share the wealth of health if I myself is not healthy? When you can’t function and are not healthy, there’s no way you can provide quality care to the patients. I work night shift, and lately I seem to catch colds that have been going around more than usual. One of my co workers asked  and teased me, “Are you pregnant again?” I guess I look wide on my 106 pounds. Nonetheless this time my husband and I will throw all the junk  foods around the house and start to use our equipments, exercise regularly eat nutritious foods and be healthy body, mind and soul.

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