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A Meaningful Struggle

ChallengeWe are all created equal and by all means we are expected to treat others as we want to be treated as well. Humanity consists of different races, colors, shapes and sizes- and we are all equal no matter where we live under the sun. Likewise, we all share this physical space, and our actions do tend to affect each another in various ways. It seems that no matter how hard we work to live life to the fullest, we sometimes encounter evil people that are not happy about the positive energy in others.

As fate would have it, I wound up in the so called the “melting pot” of the world and I have experienced great opportunity and also great cruelty from small people; who, for as much as they want success, it has proven elusive to them for whatever reason so instead of improving themselves they have chosen to push others down to satisfy their need for significance. I am grateful for the contrast that these small people bring, and the big challenges they create for themselves and those around them.  Those challenges create opportunities for us to grow wiser, stronger, bigger.

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Tangled Thoughts

FocusTime and time again we find ourselves searching for the path to our dreams. The fact is, to make our dreams a reality we have to work relentlessly to attain them. There are so many reasons that hold us back. Our experiences, background, upbringing and beliefs are some of the factors that affect our decisions and success. If we don’t believe in ourselves and our dreams we won’t even try.

One trick that I do to stay motivated and happy is to feel gratitude for all of the great things in my life each day, despite all of the negative critics and chaos. I never give up, and I dream as if I am immortal. I use my willpower to carry on until I get to where I want to be even when it seems impossible.

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A Brighter Tomorrow

overseasEach one of us is longing for a brighter tomorrow. We have goals and future plans that challenge us to be brave and ultimately triumph. My perspective, which keeps me going through the tough and easy times, is to seek inspiration and understand my own vulnerability so that I can embrace the opportunities when they present themselves.

It takes courage to be successful. I have been given the opportunity and responsibility to be a charge nurse at work. At first I was hesitant to do it because I was fearful of mistakes and criticisms. I felt that while some people around me were supportive, others were annoyed. Nonetheless, great things come not only by luck, also by destiny; a product of our intellectual capability as well. I have come to realize that people are not judging me as harshly as I think, so I can go on without hesitation. It’s my own perceptions that sometime mislead me.

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Sincere Moment

overseasSincerity is from the heart in all levels of our being. I have a friend who recently visited me and told me that one of her co workers, who happened to come from her country of origin, is often not very supportive. When my friend got promoted it seemed to her that this person is trying to push her down. She is my best friend I felt sad and upset about her story. I perceived that the person she is talking about is a blatantly insincere person who has a mask of insecurity over her soul that will prevent her from any progress herself. Sometime we are surrounded with truly insincere people who don’t want us to succeed.

I am crossing my fingers that these insincere and insecure people like her will learn to think positively and move on to be grateful for the life they have and try to help and encourage others instead of trying to bring them down. I do believe that being insincere is a foolishness that keeps us from shining the way we need to shine. Sincerity for me is acting according to the dictate of our conscience as human beings. What profit is there to gain when you push someone down? Some temporary sense of significance perhaps? The truth will always triumph!

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Helping Those In Need

overseasMy husband and I have this plan to help orphans, but we don’t know how yet. All what we have is but a plan and goals. We will not stop until we can accomplish this plan. One night on my day off we have watched this movie “Slum dog Millionaire” It was a very good movie that really fired both of us to continue thinking about those less privileged kids, but what saddened me is when my husband mentioned to me that those kids in the movie that brought the movie producers millions are still there in the slum of India.

Why can’t those movie producers and crew give those kids a home or at least offer them an education so that they can release their potential and share a gift in this world as well? They earned it! Share a little gift of love, plan to dare to share and accomplish what you are created to be. Accomplish your destiny by planning to share and excel.

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Moving Forward Under Stress

VictoryI have noticed that the most successful people seem to know how to change with the times. They notice what is working and what is not, and make adjustments toward something new with enthusiasm in their lives. All my life I am a dreamer and I know I am capable of making things happen the way I want through desire, motivation, hard work, and prayer. You might be rolling your eyes, but believe me it does work with Almighty help. We all have the power to make things happen. We all just need to get out of our comfort zone and move toward change and advancement. I hate it when I feel like I am not doing something to rise and shine. I feel like a drained battery if I am doing the same routine and not advancing myself in some way.

I always want challenges to keep me going. When I observe something is not working out, I easily jump to try new things. The same is true with my friends. I tend to avoid them when I feel they are dragging me down. I keep the precious ones close though. I only have few, but I ensure that they are the best of the best. It’s better for me to have a few genuine friends than to have a million with many faces.

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When Bad Things Happen To Good People

overseasBeing a nurse is not easy. It’s a vocation that is bombarded with sadness, frustrations, happiness and celebrations. Nursing is one of the strongest forces in the health care system. Without nurses, the system cannot function. The recent economic crisis exacerbates the poor health situation of so many suffering individuals. Nurses often become the absorber of every patients emotion, turmoils and delights.

In my life as a nurse, I have been singled out in so many ways that sometimes I just need to suck it up and let go because I don’t have any choice. As a foreign nurse I have observed that some of my co-workers, doctors and patients that I have worked with through the years are definitely racist. No matter what I do, nothing will really change their perspective because they are stuck with their limiting beliefs and stereotypes, or perhaps they are just plain unhappy people. I get sick to my stomach thinking about how people can treat others without mercy. Anyhow, these people are everywhere. You have to just continue being you and keep doing great things with a smile. Simple kind deeds we share can turn the evil around.

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Adversity And Uncertainty Is Power

ChallengeThere are times that in a blink of our eyes a sudden change in our lives happen because of thoughtlessness or selfishness of others. Sometimes we find ourselves sighing and asking what we have done to deserve a certain injustice, especially in times of adversity.  I can hold grudges in my heart for the rest of my life against those people who trespass me, but as my classmate Jhet said, “Life is too short to hold on to life’s grudges.”  It is essential to forget and forgive.

There are always people around us that try to pull us down and bring misery in our lives, but instead of being angry or vengeful, we must instead be thankful for all the trials that come our way. They are an instrument to help us grow stronger. I have faith that justice will be done to those who deserve it.  My husband’s grandmother sent me this message one night when I am very lonely she said, “When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look, When you make the biggest mistakes ever, something good comes from it. Always remember the compliments you receive, forget about the rude remarks.”

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Attitude of Hope

ImagineAs life goes by we all encounter losses, unfair situations and discouraging circumstances. Sometime we feel as if all the forces of darkness are enveloping our lives. One busy night I encountered a bad experience.  One person was very mean to me,  Then more and more worse situations followed after another until at the end I felt like I was dragged under a train because of the negative things and aversion of prejudice that happened.

I spoke to my husband about it,  he is my punching bag absorbing my frustrations. After a long conversations and big hugs he made me realized that no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. I don’t need to allow criticism to distort my self image.  Where I am is not where I am going to end up. I can make my life more significant by changing my way of thinking with good self affirmations and be confident. Besides, confidence is sexy!

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An Inspiration to Live By

CityI lost contact with a young friend of mine (Sevilla Rose Elvira-De Leon) after graduation in nursing.  One day after almost 12 years she sent me a message with a good news. I have goose bumps when I read her message and the article about her as a dedicated and excellent nurse hero overseas worker abroad. She is very simple, talented and a positive thinker.

I am very proud of her being where she is now. She is truly an inspiration. I feel success myself when I learned about her achievement that was published last February 8, 2008 on OFW (Overseas Foreign Workers’ website) I know she is very proud of her achievements and so am I.

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