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Challenges I Couldn’t Understand

VictoryLife is great, no matter what, but there are times that we think we are trapped and left without a choice. As a working nurse, mother and a wife I need to balance everything to be effective. Keeping my energy positive is essential to function well or else everything piles up and becomes chaotic. The magnetic force of negativity lures us in. We must use our willpower to be stronger and focus on solutions instead of problems to avoid derailment of our dreams. Giving up when life presses us will not solve the issues, it will just make it worse.

As humans we all have our goals and hopes that things will get better the next day, week and year. As a nurse, I should be flexible with my routines and be able to handle everything. From time to time I feel disappointed that things don’t go the way I expect them to.  I am grateful that I am strong and collected to face today’s opportunities and carry on for a better tomorrow.

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Happiness Shall We Need

General DiscutssionAs a busy working nurse, mother and wife my plate is always overfull. I have so many plans and goals in life, but sometimes I ask myself how much happiness does a person really need? I have noticed that when I make less money or more money it seems that we survive either way. People adapt no matter what to survive. The more money we have the more stuff we want until we reach the point that we feel nothing is enough.

The Holidays are supposed to be times to relax and celebrate the joy of life and togetherness. Instead, they end up becoming an overwhelming event for all of us with all the shopping and decorating to do for the so called “Holiday Spirit.” Each year I always want to buy everybody a little token in the spirit of giving, but this year my husband and I decided to minimize the gift buying and chose to gather all our closest friends and family for a simple get together delight to catch up, because for us it seems most satisfying to spend time with those we care about rather than buying them a bunch of stuff.

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Deadbeat Tactics

General Discutssion

I was raised to love others without any reservation. While I was growing up I faced a lot of tough challenges without a penny to my name, so I surely appreciate it when people offer unexpected help. Sadly, due to my good nature and strong sense of empathy some people have chosen to take advantage of me. I try not to dwell on those things too much though, because if I focus on them they persist. I just love to help others as part of life’s journey.

Along the way, I have occasionally encountered some deadbeat debtors. Naturally I get disappointed in when this happens, yet I try to I convince myself that it doesn’t cost me any energy to let go and to understand so I can forgive and forget. Each experience gives me wisdom and makes me stronger. I have learned to be very careful and to continue to trust- but with a bit of caution.

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Don’t Give Up

VictoryAccomplishments are achieved through relentless perseverance and motivation. In my life I have had all kinds of experiences, some bad, some great. Sometimes things didn’t go the way I planned. When that happens I have learned to be ready to change gears and start toward another way to get to where I want to be.

My secret is to never give up; I must keep trying until I get it right. I also try to keep a positive attitude. I can be in a terrible situation where people are taking advantage of me, but as long as I believe that something good will eventually come of it, no one can really make me feel insecure. It is my own interpretation of the experience that matters. If I feel good or bad it is because I chose thoughts that make me feel that way. The event itself has no power over how I choose to experience it.

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Finding Your Gifts

chessboardEveryone of us has a gift to share in this world. You have something to offer that no one else can. You may not have what others have, but just keep in mind that you are already fully equipped for your purpose. Discover your gifts and share them with the world. Stay in faith that there is a master that will step in and guide you to accomplish your destiny.

Be yourself and believe in your natural given gifts. When you try to be something that you are not, that’s when life becomes frustrating. Setbacks and battle in our lives are not a hindrance to go on, they are an opportunity to grow. Develop your potential so that you can share the blessings. Use what you have and use it to your highest desire to succeed in a worthy cause. The imperfections that bombard you are ingredients for you to believe that you can do everything in God’s grace.

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Attitude A Matter of Choice

scenicThrough all the ups and downs in my life, what brought me through it was the so-called positive attitude toward the situation. I dared to have a better future regardless of what other people thought. I believed it was possible for me. There were times that I thought I was just but a forgotten little someday in a corner; but I chose not to dwell on that. I didn’t allow it to affect me. I continued to strive forward no matter what anchors the world tied to my ankles. Now I am asking myself how did I do all this and become the successful, happy person as I am now?

My attitude is: Give without any reserve and enjoy the spirit of helping. What a satisfying feeling indeed to at least help others without expecting anything in return. I try not to expect something in return so that I won’t be disappointed. When it’s time for me to return to the Lord someday, at least I can say thank you for the life I have had and the chance to make others happy in the passion of life. We will only live once, so dare to have an attitude of choice. Make others happy and think positively despite the chaotic society we have.

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Celebrate the Very Best in Life

VictoryNo matter where  you are in life, what environment you are in right now or how impossible your dreams may seem, don’t be limited by your weaknesses and situations. Likewise don’t be discouraged by tough times and beliefs that you don’t have what it takes to fulfill your purpose.

Sometimes we are surrounded with small minded people who are very insecure, intimidated and who pushes us down so that they can feel okay about who they are.  Ignore them and continue with your own race. After all, each of us has our own purpose to celebrate the very best gift of life in certain ways. Rise above the noisy protest and life will bring you to places greater than you never imagined.

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Psychology Behind One’s Intentions

chessboardIn every walk of life, in every job or relationships there are always something that we don’t like. Ew! Nothing is really perfect!  For me whatever we do, it’s the intentions behind that really matter most. Sometimes other people scrutinize and criticize others with good or bad intentions. There are times that this issue leads us to question ourselves and causes us to doubt our own abilities and play up someone else’s. For me, I always trust that what I offer has value.

Recently, I witnessed a situation that somebody crushed someone’s spirit by accusing him that he is not contributing anything to the team when in fact that person contributes more than he can give. That was really a horrible issue, but some people only remember the negative things and fail to appreciate the positive. I am thinking, it is the evil inside on humans that you can’t trust.

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