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The Beauty of The Next Day light


“The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.” -Anonymous

For almost thirty four years, I was separated from my biological family. I considered myself an orphan for a long time until one day in March 2012 our doorbell rang while my husband and I were eating breakfast in Texas. The DHL carrier handed my husband a simple white envelope from my country the Philippines. My husband said, Honey you got mail and he teased me, “This might be from your sister.” I exclaimed and asked him: What? I don’t have a sister! I scrutinized the envelope and opened the letter after breakfast. Yes indeed it was a letter from my long lost sister. She mentioned to me that my mother and sister were waiting for me in the Philippines for a reunion, but our father had passed away five years ago.

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From The Heart

shutterstock_29762827It is love from the heart that unites family and keeps a strong faith. When times are tough it is easy to fall into the “life is greener on the other side of the fence” mentality. So often this leads to tragic mistakes and regrets that can change our lives forever. We find that our problems often follow us to the other side of the fence. Or worse, new and even more challenging problems begin to sprout. It turns out that happiness and satisfaction doesn’t come from being on one side of the fence or the other, it comes from within. Somehow, I have learned that when things take a turn for the worse you must focus and keep on going. The trials that we go through have a purpose. There are reasons that we may not understand right now, but they eventually turn out to serve us in some way.

I once had an experience way back when I was very young and innocent. A person whom I thought was my best of friends and my family betrayed me. Then at the end his wife mocked and said the most dehumanizing words against me. I am not sure if was due to her insecurities, but she was very cruel. Being raised in the convent with lack of experience and not enough understanding of human behavior, I felt self-pity. When I would remember those moments I would cry until I couldn’t cry anymore. As an orphan with no parents or family to lean on I felt alone in my suffering. The experience was devastating for me and I dwelt on that for a long time.

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Mistakes Are A Responsibility

FamilyAs a mother of a single child, I tend to be very over protective. This summer, prior to my daughter’s second grade we decided to go on a vacation. While packing our suitcases my little child wanted to help. Of course, by “help” I mean dance, and bounce here and there, hopping around with her tongue sticking out. However the room was very crowded with suitcases and things to be packed, so I told her to stay seated for a little bit so she wouldn’t get hurt.

When I turned my back she promptly resumed hopping. When I returned to the room after two minutes she reported that her left big toe was wounded and bleeding. She accidentally hit the suitcase. It was a small scrape but I was very upset because our upcoming trip involved a lot of walking, I was thinking that she would not be able to enjoy it because of the wounded toe. I scolded  her and she cried. I made her aware that a mistake is a responsibility.

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Tangled Thoughts

FocusTime and time again we find ourselves searching for the path to our dreams. The fact is, to make our dreams a reality we have to work relentlessly to attain them. There are so many reasons that hold us back. Our experiences, background, upbringing and beliefs are some of the factors that affect our decisions and success. If we don’t believe in ourselves and our dreams we won’t even try.

One trick that I do to stay motivated and happy is to feel gratitude for all of the great things in my life each day, despite all of the negative critics and chaos. I never give up, and I dream as if I am immortal. I use my willpower to carry on until I get to where I want to be even when it seems impossible.

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FamilyLife is beautiful and we all deserve to be happy; it’s too short not to live it. The past is full of moments to reminiscence, but it is often best to live in the present. Now we have social networking, and it is very popular. It is a good way to reconnect with past friends, acquaintances, people that we dearly loved. However, there are also those people that we don’t want to talk to anymore. They bring back memories of laughter and pain. My husband told me that in 2009 one law firm found 20 percent of its divorce cases contained references to Facebook and “inappropriate chats”. Scary statistic, though it’s true.

One night while procrastinating, I spent most of my night browsing Facebook. I came across someone that humiliated me way back when I was still young and innocent. With sincerity in my heart I try to be on good terms with all persons even those that hated me most and rejected me. I realized that there are things worth holding on to and there are things that we need to let go. It is best to avoid those insecure people that have caused us pain; they are poisonous to our spirit and growth.

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Enthusiasm Shall I Live

FamilyI once had my dream job, but because I opted for a change I am not in that job anymore. The situation was a treasure of options for me, to embrace the best of what lies ahead. My vision really doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a step by step process to go higher toward the peak of my full potential. Sometimes I undergo changes that I surely don’t understand, but I try to accept the message of every event in my life. Things happen to test our faith and to stir us up to the right perspective.

As a nurse I witnessed a lot of suffering in the lives of my patients, co-workers and friends. Most of them are really focusing on the dark side of the story. I observed that those people who are enthusiastic to move forward despite their circumstances are successful, happy and get back to their normal healthy life. For example, consider the story of Adam Bender. Our attitude determines our altitude. An unfair situation is not an excuse to complain and give up.

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You Are In Control

CategoriesHave you ever experienced one disappointment after another, like a big clump of negative events happening before your very eyes and asked yourself where have you gone wrong? Life is like a wheel; sometimes you are on the top, next time you are on the bottom. Happiness and sadness are just a spice to a full and meaningful life. Everything happens for a reason.

Often, it is a way to remind us of what we have, what we are seeking and what to be grateful for. Give thanks for all the blessings and disappointments. We are alive and vulnerable! When it rains it pours. We may be sad today, but remember the moment that you are happy forget about the sad experiences that pollute and infect our thoughts. Everything is temporary. The great things in life are not behind us, they are in front of us. Continue believing in the truth that we are blessed and we are destined for a great life as we dream it to be. Remind yourself that we are capable of becoming who want to become. Don’t give in to the evil thoughts despite the chaos and haste.

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A Purpose of Prosperity

FamilyOften I feel that we need to develop a new mindset, because our thoughts and decisions will not only change our lives, but they will affect the next generations to come.  We are all capable of achieving happiness and prosperity, and bringing significant impact to the lives of others. It is important for us to believe that we are all blessed and have the favor to make a difference and decide to live happy rather than lonely emptiness.

I have a friend who shared a story that revolutionized my internal feelings towards my dreams. When she and her husband was just starting a family she said they were very broke to the extent that she was salivating on a fat duck in the park and wanted to eat it because they could barely get by and didn’t have enough money to buy a luxurious dinner.

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The Power of Thought and Decision in Love.

FamilyThe feeling of love comes and goes, so as our decisions we make today that determines our future. We may have lack or full of love in our hearts, but if we make mistakes on our decisions it would be a challenge to our future. I know somebody who is a genius that has been engaged several times and been in so many relationships,  but it seems he  can not find the right woman for him. Why? Is it because of wrong decisions or just because of self perpetuating failures?  Falling in love is not easy. It is a commitment that we all have to make for total happiness. You have to love and respect yourself before you can radiate love to others. No matter what you do if you don’t find love within yourself, there is little you can give at all. It starts from within to attract love.

Today is Valentine’s Day. It is a day to celebrate love with special people, but the truth is that every day is a day of love if you do everything for the desire of it. It’s not an accident that I married my husband. It is a destiny of love, because I decided to focus to have a husband like him to share my love for the rest of my life.  The process was not easy, but if you plan and decide positively, people will get move around to get you where you want to be, or who you want to be with. The right people will be brought to us if we decide on what we want. The right decisions lead you to your right path and have all your dreams to come true with a purpose.

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A New Year, A New Beginning and A Blessing

OceanSunsetOh wow, it’s new year again! As I am reminiscing the past year’s experiences, there is nothing much I can say although most of it are happy thoughts and great challenges that make me stronger and better. Recently, I talked with my classmate in San Diego. She told me to visit friendster and take a look at some of our classmate’s pictures. On my day off, I went to check the pictures, and I noticed that some of my classmates have changed a lot  through the years. I am just happy they are successful too. I hope they do have a happy new year and great family as I do as well.

While on my vacation before the new year I dug into my files. While organizing it, I found a Christmas card that my charge nurse gave me three years ago. I feel proud of her words. She wrote: “Your enthusiasm make me proud of the career I have chosen.” I am glad I have magnetized her to be proud as a nurse. I am where I am now because of the great people around me especially my encouraging husband, sincere friends and family. Above all because I choose to follow the high road to success, and I believed in myself.

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