Nursing Care Posts

Nothing is Better or Worse than Anything

scenicA nurse’s calling is our vocation and it is not for everyone. We all have our unique interests and talents in life. No matter what career we have, we feel compelled to do our best- to contribute in some way to make the world a better place.  We have to ask ourselves, “What benefit there is there to be in the field we are in? Are we happy to do what we do? Or, or do we just keep going to collect a paycheck?”

Nurses need to be strong inside and out. We must to be able to smile no matter how we are being treated. With the ACA passed and customer satisfaction survey results now published and freely available on the Internet, Healthcare Providers are under unprecedented pressure to perform. Nurses are expected to give 200% service to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have to be detail oriented and respond quickly when the need arises. It’s so stressful, but we radiate what we feel inside. It shows on our face and we may not even realize it. We are human like every single one of us, we are not perfect yet we can make a difference by continuing to move forward in gratitude even we have the most chaotic day or night- even when everyone around us are all are finding faults and complaining instead of helping to make it better. The greatest lesson to remember is to take ownership of the responsibility and never blame anyone else for the failures.

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The Dance Steps For Joy

shutterstock_101792287Our lives are orchestrated with challenging and meaningful experiences and constant change each day. From the moment that we wake up until the very last minute that we retire, we have to deal with major daily routines. Whether it is a very busy day or an uneventful day, we each get to choose what the day’s events mean to us. The ups and downs of our day are like the sound of music from a variety of instruments playing together to create the great sounds of life. It is full of joy if we master the secret of how to listen to the rhythm of each day’s challenges and changes.

Often I have questions that I can’t seem to find the answer to, like when I was growing up I tried to learn how to dance, but I could not follow simple dance steps because I thought I couldn’t. I have always had the desire to do more, but due to my perceived limitations I was unable accomplish everything all at the same time without ample time to practice. I have begun to realize that my own thoughts were holding me back. Now I try to analyze the meaning of each event in my life and take responsibility for my experiences. The melody of life is mastering the key steps to success.

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A Simple Satisfaction

Nursing CareWhether we like it or not we are all born for a purpose- to make an impact to the lives of others and the world. There are times that we sigh and say “I never get what I want, never want what I get, never have what I like and I don’t like what I have, I want something else.” With this mentality we can make poor decisions and create chaos in our lives. When things don’t go the way we want, we blame other people. We love to blame the president on the downfall of our economy, which is holding us down.

Most of the time we simply don’t realize what we’ve got and instead we focus on what we are missing. There is a lingering emptiness within if we are not grateful for the blessings we have each day. The simple satisfaction I feel as a nurse, a wife and human is by embracing my vocation as a calling to love and care. I am very much aware that my love is never an assurance that I will be appreciated back. I am just happy to render my humble service to the people that need it most and try not to blame anybody for whatever misery life brings me. I have so much love within me that nothing is impossible no matter what. Appreciated or not, I go on and find satisfaction through my daily deeds.

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A Little Faith


Nursing CareEach time I wake up and prepare myself for work as a nurse I must have strong faith to get through the day’s challenges and have the courage to take good care of patients. It is a combination of faith, education, skills, and experience that gives me confidence that I can take good care of patients no matter how ill they are. There are no obstacles set before me that I can’t overcome, because I believe I can.

I am a witness that faith, good intentions and will power are there to guide us through the rough times in life. Sometimes the load is so heavy, unless you turn it over with faith you will never find peace of mind, and never go further beyond service to patients and others.

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New Life, A life to Live

FocusWe ourselves are the masterpiece of all. To start a life is the Nativity of dreams and purpose. Sometimes we want to wait until we are sure of everything. Hoping as such will never accomplish much in the attainment of goals. The courage to stay on track even when we are derailed is essential for progress.

The current world and life’s situations we are in now may not be the actual dream we have hoped for. We can’t dwell on being unsatisfied. We need to embrace what we have and continue moving forward. We create the Nativity, the light of our world, the new life.

We can’t go back and start over, but we can live today and target a new ending. We can’t undo what had happened in the past, but we all can start a new life a life to live going forward. No matter what happened let it be, think of the future.

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On Love and Time

careOne night one of my friends asserted that in life what is important is TIME and LOVE. I wondered why? I was puzzled about the statement but finally I said, why should I torture myself about it?

Weeks later, the wife of my friend told me that they have eight children and none of them want to come by to visit their dad while he is sick because they are all busy and their youngest son seems so indulged in drugs, nothing is more important than his smuggling business. My friend’s husband was certainly longing for a moment of love from his family on his last stage of life, but no one could find the time to at least visit him. I felt broken hearted as I left the room.

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A Smile Of Hope

CareAs a nurse by profession I enjoy a sense of satisfaction when I see the sick patients smiling because I have made their challenging situation a lot easier. There are some patients that suffer from debilitating physiological and anatomical conditions which cause them to no longer function the way they used to. Sometimes they become hopeless.

There comes a point in our life when we realize who and what really matters, who never did, who won’t anymore and who always will. Our pride comes from doing our personal best no matter how we are treated. Being devoted to taking good care of our patients and the people that we care about until they regain their normal functioning is our vocation. Our immersion in life is to be compassionate to them.

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What Went Wrong?

careOften I am very proud that I am a nurse, but sometimes I feel sad when people are suffering alone without any family when they needed them most. Some of them die alone without a single family member around. Most of us are excited to have a family and children that we can call our own, to share life until our very last breath. As time passes by some of us are also getting worried that we may be alone as well when the time comes that we can’t do anything for ourselves anymore.

Some are alone in their death bed even though they have a dozen of children. What went wrong to deserve this? This is one of the realities that I can’t seem to understand why? Is it because we have hectic schedules or just because no one seems to care anymore when we are on the last leg of our journey- despite of all the good things that we have done for our family and others. Is this the reason why some people won’t care to have children and family because they will be alone at the end anyway?

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Your Performance Platform

careI have observed that there are a lot of people who are talented and capable of increase and promotion, but are not getting promoted because they give up their power to those people around who try to pull them down. No matter what, continue to develop your character and skills. Ignore the critics, the gossips and the naysayers. Convince others not by your words, but with your spirit of excellence and get noticed by continuously doing the right thing even when no one can see you. Stay on track, even if you think it’s not necessary, even if others don’t agree, or even if challenges are happening around you.

You are not your work, your accomplishments, your possessions, your home, your family, your anything. You are a child of God, an instrument of powerful purpose with unique gifts intended to contribute, experience and enjoy life on earth. Being excellent is to get better at what you do no matter what people say. As a nurse I need to study ways to improve and be proactive. I try to do my job with all my heart and I don’t let little things stop me from making progress. I often look for good habits and find ways to improve. I have always believed that God helps the people that help themselves. I am never satisfied where I am; I’m always wanting to do more and I know I can shine more than I do now.

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Laughter For Cure

careNursing is a career that involves giving medications all shift long, but sometimes I am wondering why some patients can’t seem to have any pain relief, even when they have patient’s controlled analgesia (PCA) with maximum adjuvant pain reliever? I have observed that those patients who are very tense and stressed are the people who tend to whine and complain a lot. There is too much sickness in our world today related to depression from the economic crisis and we live so uptight and stressed about so many things to survive. We forget to smile, laugh and feel happy. We forget that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter has a healing power and helps releases endorphins that are a natural body tranquilizer and pain reliever. People who laugh often have a cheerful mind. They are appreciative and seldom request for pain medications.

Both my husband and daughter have a very good sense of humor. They are happy people that make me laugh. He will always say when I am feeling grumpy. ” You can be miserable all day long, I will keep my smile.” Ump! Then he will grab my feet tickling me until I laugh and almost peed my pants. Often he will tickle me and my daughter with his eye lashes and nibble our little noses to start the laughter. My little Carolyn will always draw a virtual smiley face on the air when somebody is reprimanding her for doing some mischief. She will actually pretend to erase the sad face on the air and replace it with a smiley face, so cute that one of us can never ignore and instead of being mad we ended up laughing instead. She laughs at almost everything and her laugh is so contagious! It’s wonderful to have laughter in our home and everywhere we go. A simple thing that we can do to enjoy life every day.

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