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Amidst The Chaos

Tips of the WeekThe current world economic crisis is affecting everything and everyone in some way. We each have a different way of responding to it though. Some people are not affected, some are concerned but feel helpless, and some are panicking and making decisions that lead to the derailment of their lifetime dreams. One strategy that we can all do is to never give up our positive principles and integrity, thus doing the right thing no matter what.

There are so many things that can affect our thoughts and decisions each day, but we must stay on target and our goals. It is important to keep in mind that everything is temporary. The world is always in a state of change. It is not our circumstances that define us, but how we handle those circumstances that will determine the outcome.

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Deadbeat Tactics

General Discutssion

I was raised to love others without any reservation. While I was growing up I faced a lot of tough challenges without a penny to my name, so I surely appreciate it when people offer unexpected help. Sadly, due to my good nature and strong sense of empathy some people have chosen to take advantage of me. I try not to dwell on those things too much though, because if I focus on them they persist. I just love to help others as part of life’s journey.

Along the way, I have occasionally encountered some deadbeat debtors. Naturally I get disappointed in when this happens, yet I try to I convince myself that it doesn’t cost me any energy to let go and to understand so I can forgive and forget. Each experience gives me wisdom and makes me stronger. I have learned to be very careful and to continue to trust- but with a bit of caution.

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All That We Are, All That We Have

SummitEach day brings new challenges in our lives. Whether we are focused on the positive or the negative, more of what we focus on arises. Every time I wake up, I try to be grateful for all the good things in my life and the blessings around me so that I can start my day or night with vibrant energy to carry on despite the circumstances.

Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror I notice the fine wrinkles and grey hairs starting to pop up. I begin to panic, thinking that I am getting old, worrying about the future; but when I don’t focus on it I don’t see anything negative. So when I catch myself doing this I try to instead focus on my daily goals and celebrate the success. I give all my best in everything I do, so that at the end of the day I can retire with contentment and not worry about the unseen future.

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Expression of Discipline

chessboardWe often think of ourselves in terms of our virtues and discipline, which are a large part of self understanding. We like to identify with our virtues to describe who we are. To attain what we desire we must have discipline within, and without.

Earlier in my life I struggled with how to shield myself from being affected by unpleasantness around me. I had very bad tantrums that caused me some trouble and insecurity. I resisted understanding rules that didn’t conform to mine. I have learned to overcome this the hard way, but these experiences polished me to be better and to grow.

I have learned to control my emotions by practicing to be prudent and anticipate the consequences of my actions. As time goes by I have become master of my own human instinct and intelligence. I have noticed that it’s not so hard anymore to turn negative experience to something meaningful. I now focus upon and attract everything that happens in my experience of life.

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Emotional Contagions

FocusSome days, there are times that it is hard to snap out of a bad mood. Knowing the strategies on how to avoid the infectious negative vibes from others will help keep them from ruining our entire day or week. The longer I practice nursing, the more I learn the science of my career and human emotions. Understanding it improves my self awareness and self management. It helps my relationships with my patients, peers, coworkers and family too. Plus it also helps me become a better leader.

Each one of us are prone to stressful situations in which we all have to handle in different ways. Our decision to be negative or positive about it will have a ripple effect, influencing our performance, behavior and decisions. I have observed that each time there is a discontented member of a team or group it quickly affects everyone in the area including the patients. We all just need to learn how to shield ourselves from the detrimental dispositions of others around us.

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Change The Key To Our Happiness

chessboardSomeday, somehow we need to start for a change. In our lives we undergo certain stages and changes. Sometime we are comfortable where we are and we are not willing to change a job, habits or relocate because we are afraid of certain discomfort that it can cause. President Obama’s wish is a CHANGE so as everyone of us. It’s impossible if we are all stuck and not willing to embrace change even if it means stagnation.

I just recently relocated to a new home farther away from work, but as a nurse I feel comfortable working in the same hospital where I have been working for years because of the familiarity of routines, people that I work with, etc. But, I have to let go of that and decide to change a job location closer to home to eliminate long distance commute and stress. It may mean a slight adjustment to a new environment and co workers, but if I don’t try I may be missing something that I opted to be in. As along as I keep being positive and faithful, I will surely attract what God has planned for me.

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Believe In Your Destiny

Tips of the Week

There are times in life that we come to wonder why things and experiences happen when we least expect them. Some of them are quite depressing and scary. Often it’s exciting events that we wonder what we have done to deserve it? Above all, we just need to embrace whatever it is wholeheartedly. “Thy Will Be Done.” The reality is that we are destined to God’s given goodness if we focus on it. Consider that we call everything we focus on to existence.

I believe that certain things happen for a reason. We could celebrate and cry over something that is currently happening all day long or live with a smile no matter what, the bottom line is how we appreciate and believe the meaning of our life with a purpose to submit to God’s plan. The happiness, the laughter and sorrow are just part of life’s mystery. Nothing is permanent on earth, we just need to live life to the fullest and share life while we are alive. Enjoy each day planning for the greatness of living.

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shutterstock_141118912As I look back in time, it seems to me that it was just yesterday that I was a child. Now I am looking at my own little daughter jumping up and down growing very fast as well. As a very busy nurse, it seems as if I have missed a lot of moments for my daughter due to our hectic schedules. The milestones of life are very precious.

Right now I can only look back in time, but I can’t take it back. As a working mother I can make more money, but I can’t make more time. We can go forward and onward, but the moments passed are gone forever. We all have the tendency to complain about circumstances, but happiness is something we can decide for ourselves ahead of time. Let’s think of a joyful day; the most important thing is this moment.

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Get Some Sleep For A Happier Smile

shutterstock_141118912I am a kind of nurse that is used to a busy life style and always on the go. Most of the time after working a long shift I have so much adrenaline that I stay up so late before going to bed. I often forget that sleep is essential as food. I work night shift, I have to practice to have a good sleep to enhance my memory, cognitive ability and wake up better. Nurses deal with a lot of tasks that requires concentration and alertness. Not having enough sleep affects our overall comprehension, attention and reaction time. I observe that every time I have inadequate sleep I feel very tired, exhausted and prone to error. I feel that I have poor judgment as well and my sense of focus is somehow impaired.

I also easily get irritated when I don’t get enough restful slumber. Sometime when my sleep is interrupted I toss, turn and don’t get enough quality sleep. I often get upset if somebody asks me how many hours of sleep I had. What is important is the quality of sleep not the numbers of hours you stayed in bed. The quality of sleep is very essential to feel rested. Often I will disregard this and push myself to finish chores first even I am already very sleepy. When I have a good night’s sleep I am more approachable and collected. Living life with a restful sleep everyday and a smile is wonderful indeed.

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Beautiful At A Glance

graceI believe that everything I have gone through in my life is important. Every event, big or small, contributes to who I am today, and prepares me for my great future. Since my childhood I have tried to live in an attitude of greatness no matter how I was treated and rejected. I never accept mediocrity in life. I have a belief that I have more within me, and that I am destined to succeed. In that effect most things have changed in my favor.

In times of disappointment I always bear in mind that big challenges mean great favor and blessings. Some people will give up their blessings and joy, but it’s never too late to start over again to follow through with our dreams and believe that everything is possible. Anything in the contrary is temporary. When I was in nursing school I have a childhood friend who joined the army and rejected me because I am a poor orphan and I have nothing. The situation humiliated me and brought me tears for a long time, but I never let that event in my life destroy my dreams. The rejection armed me with the motivation to find the light to a better future.

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