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Victim or Victor?

VictorAs a nurse I am often surrounded by the vulnerability of stress and depression. These feelings can be highly contagious, but I must remember that when dealing with people I must hold the spirit of friendliness and compassion to provide exceptional service. Occasionally I encounter circumstances that really challenge my limits, but I have found that using a pattern interrupt to break the automatic response cycle is very effective. It saves me from taking a path that leads to misery and regrets.

For example, recently I came to work one night, one of my co workers was trying to push my buttons. In that moment I remembered what my little daughter always says before I step out of the car when they drop me off to work. She probably doesn’t even know the impact of it to me, but it is really inspiring to hear the simple statement: “Mommy keep your joy, don’t let anyone take it away from you.” It energized me, and kept me from falling into the trap.

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A Twilight To Remember

chessboardIt’s not how you say it in words, it’s how you do it in action. Like politicians who say they will make a change in the nation, it’s actually how they implement what they say they will do.  Likewise, in marriage it’s not just how you say, “Yes I do.” then when things become difficult or your other half only has 90 cents in his account you will leave him/her. It’s how you devote yourself to the relationship and your promise. Action speaks louder than words.

In relationships with our patients and others we can’t impress them by saying we have time and telling them we want them to be very satisfied. What matters is how patients are actually taken good care of during the shift or entire stay in the hospital. It’s all about the end result. It’s a commitment to follow through, a legacy of faith and a recognition for the kind deeds we share that lives on.

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Follow Through for A Purpose

chessboardThere are times that we are surrounded by negative people that do not seem to know how to encourage others. People that feel their mission is to stir somebody’s dream down instead of giving generous encouraging words and affirmations. These people are not happy to see others to excel and reach their highest potentials.

Sometimes, I feel discouraged and lose my enthusiasm because of these negative interactions.  I have to change the negative feedback to good ones to keep me focused. The secret is to have courage and to follow through. I don’t even care if people will say bad things about me or criticize me, because it always comes back around in time and prove that they are wrong.

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